Opportunities for Brewing Education

Opportunities for Brewing Education

Expand your Brewing Education and Training

Various brewing courses and training are offered by The Scandinavian School of Brewing – SSB is head quartered in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The SSB was established in 1925 jointly and owned by the Danish, Norwegian and Swedish Brewers’ Associations and in 1993 the Finnish Brewers’ Association became a co-owner. The SSB is still privately owned by the four Nordic Brewers’ Associations without any State subsidies and – since 2011 – offering a Diploma Master Brewer education jointly with the Copenhagen University as part of their MSC in Brewing Science & Technology.

Among the educational and training courses offered are:

  • The most prestigious Diploma Master Brewer program in which 690 Master Brewers from all over the world have obtained their diploma since 1925.
  • A two day short course “Future Brewery 2020”, an overview can be found in the Brauwelt Int April and June 2011 Issues.
  • A one week Brewing Course for administrative/commercial managers/staff in a brewery
  • Two week course “Executive in Beverage Industry Supply Chains”This course is given in two modules during 2011
  • Tailor made training or course which can take place at a local brewery for a group of 8-10 participants. It will cover topics as determined by the needs of the local brewery.

SSB also issues regular newsletters containing specific information about its activities.

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*The SSB Diploma Master Brewer Class 2010 / 2011 researched during their 18  weeks of study together with our 50 lecturers how next generation breweries may look like, and which processes may become future by year 2020 for brewing and packaging. We recommend, you read in Brauwelt Int. Issue II (just published) for an overview.

For further information, to arrange enrollment in any of the courses or design a specific program at a local brewery please contact us directly.

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