Management Consulting

Management Consulting & Advising

Knudsen Beverage Consulting | Beverage ConsultantKBC has worked on many projects pertaining to management and business related matters. Some of these projects include:

  • Organizational matters
  • Acquisitions/Reviews of breweries and soft drink plants
  • Business Alliance building between companies
  • Capital Investment and/or Equipment performance review
  • Capacity Evaluations
  • Management Technical Education/training/advising
  • Executive and other Team Retreats (one to two days) frequently incorporate communication and leadership skill that inspire collaboration
  • Assistance in search of and locating candidates for employment
  • Brewery Support for expansion plans

The KBC clients often have specific needs and we will works with our clients to offer solutions solving those needs. It can include a review of existing plans and ideas to develop alternative improved solutions and opportunities.

Various other small and rather large management services are offered and provided to several clients based upon specific discussions.