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Knudsen Beverage Consulting
Knudsen Beverage Consulting

Knudsen Beverage Consulting – Your Worldwide Beverage Consultant

Knudsen Beverage Consulting Co. (KBC) offers beverage consulting services to the international beverage industry. Owner Finn B. Knudsen has more than 50 years experience in the international brewing industry. During the years the many services and projects covers a wide range of activities, such as Technical management support, Evaluation of the brewery operations including good manufacturing practices, quality audits, production problems, flavor evaluations, due diligences, new brewery projects, etc. Knudsen Beverage Consulting offers services based on the experiences through a lifetime in the international brewing industry and will use his personal expert associates when needed as project support.

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Our Vision

KBC is technical competent, creative and service oriented company, which is recognized as a leader in the international beverage business of establishing company alliances and providing services to the beverage industry in the areas of technology, management and general advice.

Through the international business KBC supports the principle of serving our world through understanding, tolerance and compassion between all people, countries and religions.

KBC is regarded as a company being open, honest, trustworthy, responsible and caring, and treats all with respect, consideration and trust.

Our Goals

KBC seeks constantly to improve its technological and business basis through education and specific project work. The goal for KBC is to be a profitable and successful international beverage consulting company, which can generate sufficient revenue to support a limited growth to sustain its business.